Support was provided by the Environmental Defense Fund, Cummins, Cummins Westport, Royal Dutch Shell, the American Gas Association, Chart Industries, Clean Energy, the International Council on Clean Transportation, PepsiCo, Volvo Group, Waste Management and Westport Innovations.

Funding for EDF’s methane research series, including the West Virginia University study, is provided for by Fiona and Stan Druckenmiller, Heising-Simons Foundation, Bill and Susan Oberndorf, Betsy and Sam Reeves, Robertson Foundation, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, TomKat Charitable Trust and the Walton Family Foundation.

Support was also provided by West Virginia University’s George Berry Chair endowment.

The authors also acknowledge the support provided by the WVU Transportable Chassis Testing Laboratory personnel including Drs. Arvind Thiruvengadam and Marc Besch.

We also would like to thank the members of the Technical Advisory Panel, Science Advisory Panel and Steering Committee for their commitment, expertise and feedback during this program.